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5 things bedrooms must have for a good sleep

15 September 2017 - 14:57


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Sleeping is not that simple. It is important to learn about sleep hygiene, and eliminate anything that will keep you from resting well throughout the night. With these five tips, you will identify what to do to have a good environment for sleeping.

1. A Clean Floor

You might think that as long as nothing is piled up on your bed, it is not going to be a problem. But, a messy environment can be stressful even when you sleep. It should be a place of comfort. Make a habit of picking up clothes and hanging them, and simply tidying up your room before bed so that when your head hits the pillow, you feel calm and not overwhelmed.

2. Eliminate Everything Tech

" A bedroom primed for sleep is one in which the use of electronics within an hour of bedtime is kept at an absolute minimum," says James Maas, PhD, a consultant on sleep and performance and CEO of Sleep for Success. No matter how hard we try not to touch our smartphones or other electronic devices, we end up picking them up to check that last notification. The blue light emitted from the devices blocks the flow of sleep hormone melatoning, delaying the onset of sleep. Maybe we do not want our phone to be out of our room when we sleep, therefore download an appl that reduces the effects of blue light, but do try not to touch your phone before bedtime. 

3. A Dark Room

A dark room is one of the essential things needed for a good night's sleep. Even if you do not have a night light, there are so many devices in your bedroom with small lights such as an alarm clock. "Bedrooms are full of little lights—enough to disturb sleep even through closed eyelids." says Maas. Unplug any device that gives out even the hint of light, throw something over items such as an alarm clock to cover it, or turn the items that have blinking lights away from you.

4. Soft Coloured Walls

According to James Maas, walls that have been painted with bright colours such as red, can be intense and alarming. Research suggests that the colour which promotes sleep the best is blue, while other shades of green and yellow has a calming effect as well. 

5. Minimal Bedding

Regardless of the temperature, Maas says that if you are making yourself too warm, then the body's ability to cool down and rest well will be thrown off, resulting in restless night due to heavy blankets. Choose light and comfortable bedding that offers the right amount of warmth, and keeps you from sweating (if you do). 


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