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Five signs that you are successful

05 November 2017 - 01:15


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Success does not always mean being at the top of your career or having a large bank account. It goes a lot further than being career-focused, as eventually it is how you live your life that determines your sucess.

Whether you have a job, are currently on the hunt for a job, or completely unemploeyed -  here are the five signs that goes to show you are successful, according to Forbes.

1. Being the one who calls the shots 

When it comes to your career, you must be able to call the shots by yourself. If you are afraid to tell your boss the truth because it might be something he or she does not like, then it is time to have some courage if you want to be successful.

2. Identifying what you bring to employers and clients that helps them become successful.

3. Knowing when to speak up. If do not utter a word when a more self-confident person speaks at work, then it is time to break this habit so that you can achieve success.

4. Giving yourself permission to dream. If you want to be successful then take a step towards the vision you have, regardless of how small or how long that step might take to reach your dreams. 

5. Being surrounded by people who love you. If one job goes, another will be around the corner, the status of your career should not be the one thing that matters the most. The state of your mind, your belief in yourself, passion for your own values must mean everything to become successful.


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