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Five ways to have a happier morning, according to science

04 September 2017 - 15:01


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There are two types of people in the world: those who love waking up in the morning, and those who want's to crawl back under their covers as soon as the alarm goes off. Getting up with a smile on the face is often hard for some people, especially those that like to stay up late at night, and parents who are forcefully woken up by their adorable little kids.

Regardless of what your reason is to not be a morning person, here are some science-back tips to turn brighten up your morning, even if it is a little bit.

1. Tidy things up during the night

One thing morning people hate is to get up and have to make breakfast, take our their clothes, prepare lunch, and so on. By doing these simple things the night before, can have a great impact on how your morning goes.

A study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin indicated that women who described their homes as 'messy' or 'cluttered' were more likely to be depressed, experience fatigue and anxiety.

Finish up small chores that needs to be done early in the morning, lay out your clothes for the day, and even prepare breakfast if you tend to just sip a cup of coffee before work. Simple things can definitely change your mood when you wake up.

2. Do quick stretches

A study showed that small amounts of physical activity can instantly improve your mood.

A lot of people get up too quickly in the morning, without giving the body time to actually wake up. Upon opening your eyes, just lay on your bed for a little while and stretch out your muscles, then slowly rise and do more simple stretches and start off your day!

3. Get pampered in the bathroom

Psychologist R. Keith Sawyer of Washington University stated that innovative thoughts and creativity can spark in the shower, boosting happiness and self worth.

Indulge in the bathroom, and make it a spa-like experience that you will look forward to every morning. Use luxe shower gel, fluffy comfortable towels, a little bit of music to get you started, and just about anything you require to feel pampered.

4. Never skip breakfast

Most of the time, people skip breakfast because they have to wake up earlier to make it. This results in just a sip of coffee and heading off to work on an empty stomach. Instead, prepare something the night before that will make you look forward to eating and fuelled up for the day.

5. Plan something fun for later in the day

If nothing else works, try planning something that you will look forward to during the day, to keep your mind occupied and get rid of the early morning blues. Whether it is going to watch a new movie, having your favourite meal for dinner, or getting together with some friends.


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