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How to get enough sleep when your mind is stress overloaded

02 April 2017 - 17:11


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Who hasn’t ever lain awake at night with every day worries racing through their mind? Well it won’t come as a surprise this a common issue face by a lot of people.

In our modern age life style for most individuals, our continued alerts from news sources blogs, social media, online networking and alternative specifics feel like huge explosions in a battle field without an end.

An increase in anxiety levels—regardless of whether its due to the endless negative news cycle, extend periods of time at work, family dramatization, or something else it can seriously affect our body & the amount of rest we get. 

If you wind up tossing and turning, you definitely require another technique when you hit the sack. Extreme insomnia is super-normal in our hectic life, and can be the consequence of any life stressor. It can occur after a breakup, new job, family responsibilities etc.  We suffer insomnia from our daily stress & we never even acknowledge it.

Here’s few ideas on how you can deal with it..

Identify your stress triggers

Try to find the ultimate source of your everyday worries, this way you will get the upper hand to deal with it mentally in a nmore productive way well before your bed time. Keeping a stress diary to work out emotions would also be a considerable measure. It can calm you mind & your psyche before bed & you are less likely to toss & turn.

Decorate your Bedroom atmosphere

Particularly when you are struggling to sleep you wish for the ideal calming environment conditions to get the perfect rest. Make sure your room temperature is perfect – have comfortable pillow & mattress. You may need to manage anything that could disturb your rest. 

An hour before bed dim the lights & turn off the TV and avoid your smart devices to signal your body that it’s time to slow down

Eliminate all sources of caffeine 

A few people are more touchy to blows of caffeine than others, therefore careful how much you consume & when. It is also advised put a stop on coffee after 2:00 pm or even earlier. As Coffee or tea can mess with your sleep even if you drink those hours before bed.

Wake up late in the night, avoid staying in bed too long

It's imaginable that anxiety may also cause you to fire wakeful amidst in the middle of the night, as well, and not just the inability to fall asleep. If this happens you should never lay in bed for over 20 minutes attempting to dose off, as this make you overthinking or simply stress over your sleep issues. So get up and do something relaxing or boring but avoid turning on TV which can be stimulating & also don’t read a book that will be a page turner.  May be just read a moderate section of the news paper & when you start to feel tired once more go back to bed. 

Relax the Right way

In bed try progressive relaxation; curl toes tightly for a count of seven, then relax. Repeat the steps through each muscle group.

Take a warm bath before bed, the rapid cool down of your body temperature after you get out will help you fall asleep.

You can also wear socks to bed; It improves circulation in your extremities helping you fall asleep more quickly

If you insomnia persists, visit your doc

Check in with a specialist in case you're experiencing difficulty sleeping at night even after trying the self-management strategies. Some people wait just too long to do so. While also avoiding the resort to a quick fix of sleeping pills try the self-methods, a few changes might be all it takes to cure your insomnia.

If your methods are not helping take the necessary help in getting the professional help. Never wait too long !


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