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Relationship secrets that should never be discussed !

31 July 2017 - 15:48


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Our friends are there for us to share our life with but there are certain things about your relationship you should never share with your friends.

Friends are friends, it is true that we want to share each and every detail with our friends. You should share your life with your friends and that it’s important to be able to vent to them about the things in your everyday life. Yet there are SOME things you should NOT tell your friends about your relationship. 

Sharing vital information about one’s relationship with friends is not ideal; it puts one in serious jeopardy as the truth could be twisted or shared with other people. Your private life becomes a joke then and redeeming that impression comes with a high price. 

Below are some things you should never share with friends when it comes to your relationships. 

Intimate details

What happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom. Never let out your intimacy details to your friends. It’s not only bad if your partner gets to hear it from someone else, it’s just embarrassing. Don’t tell them about any kinks your partner has because from that point on, your friend will never be able to look them in the eye again. You should respect your relationship and avoid discussing private details with your friends.

Fights & Arguments

Every couple have arguments sometimes in their relationship but it’s wrong running to your friends to discuss every argument you had with your partner. Anything is better than letting your relationship be an open book to the world. 

It’s okay to tell your friends about your relationship, it’s even okay to tell them when you get into a fight. But never go into the specific details. They may help you settle fights from time to time but they would eventually get tired and mock your relationship. There are some issues that should never be shared with a third party when it comes to your private life.

Money Problems 

It’s wrong to discuss your partner’s money problems with your friends. This is never advisable. It’s okay talking about yours with your friends but it’s never okay to talk about your partner’s money problems with friends. You disrespect your partner when you discuss your partner’s money problems with your friends.

Your Partner’s Previous Relationships

Never share your partner’s previous relationships with your friends. It is okay to share your history of relationships with your friends because they are your friends, however, your partner is the only one eligible to share his relationships history with your friends.

Only you can make your partner trust you more and you hold that power in your hands as long as you stay quiet about their personal details with others. Keep this in mind always! Your partner’s relationships aren’t your place to share!

Your Partner’s Secrets  

Your partner confided in you before telling you his/her secret and your partner trusts you not to discuss his/her secrets with anyone. Telling your friends about your partner’s secrets will destroy your partner’s faith in you. Even when you and your partner stop being together, you should still keep his/her secrets.

Comparing with Ex or others

It’s wrong to compare your partner with your ex during discussions with your friends. Unless you want your friends to think badly about your partner, you shouldn’t compare your partner to an ex or others in front of your friends. Comparisons can lead to unrealistic expectations which is damaging to a relationship.

It hurts your partner when they get to know how badly you talk about them. Your friends will never be able to respect your partner.


Frequent complaining about your relationship will always invite trouble. If you do complain a little too often, your friends will start telling you to leave the person because they see how sad and miserable you are with them. Whatever problems you’re facing, talk to your partner about them and don’t go complaining to your pals.

Remember, they are ordinary people like us; flawed and with cells of imperfection. While friends could provide the warmth and succor that could save the moment, they could also become a thorn in your flesh and pose as a potential threat to your happiness.

We all need counseling at one point or the other, and a friend may have the words that would save the moment. They may also have some experiences to share that could guide one. Irrespective of all these, one should learn to know when to draw the curtain and hold back especially when it comes to the issue of relationships. 


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