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Stop talking about it, and do something about it!

25 September 2017 - 12:49


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The world has evolved so fast and still continues to advance that today, the new trend is a ‘healthy lifestyle’. A new norm adapted by millions by the minute. 

In an era where junk and fast food experienced a spike, its negative effects on the human kind has made people more aware of the importance of converting to a healthier living model.

Among all the types of new diet plans, exercises and workouts, it is safe to say that Yoga is one exercise that didn’t get the acceptance it deserves up until very recently.

In the old days, Yoga was something that was associated with religion. However today, people have come to understand its positive impact on one’s health and overall well-being.

The popularity for Yoga has been dramatically increasing even in the Maldives. Dismissing the controversial beliefs that come with it, Empower fitness is one place that offered this workout to the public and embraced the benefits that come with it.

Powered by extremely talented group of professional trainers and support staffs, team empower has been able to build a safe haven that included privacy, safety and state of the art equipment and facilities ensuring that each and every individual, introvert or extrovert are welcomed.

The yoga programs offered by Empower fitness are conducted by Ms. Sonika Srivastava, who’s been practicing yoga for 15 years now. A woman who pursued Yoga despite having a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.

In our present culture, the ignorant believe that it is taboo to leave your perfectly good Degree to purse something like yoga. Nonetheless, ignorance is a virtue of the closed mind.

The Story of Sonika

At a very young age, Sonika had inherited gastritis from both her parents and medicine was a temporary relief. While struggling with her pain and a 10 to 5 job, she saw an Ad to complete a Diploma in Yoga within a period of 1 year. She jumped in just to give it a try and that was her turning point.

“It was a great 'U' turn for me in all aspects. Physically, mentally & spiritually. Realizing and experiencing what I could do”.

Sonika also went on to say that the “Discipline” in Yoga is something that she incorporated in all parts of her life. And this is the reason to pursue Yoga.

While every teacher possess their own teaching style, it is the same for Sonika. Her experience, knowledge and own ability has ensured that she brings a uniquely elevating experience to all her students.

“Modification can always be done according to once capacity & flexibility or capability. My style is 'Traditional approach to Yoga’. This is the best alternative therapy to many diseases”

You could always spend some time with individuals who practice Yoga to understand the positivity it brings to their life. Other than being an all-round fitness routine, it is light and relaxing, touching every nook in your body to help you alleviate all your pain, both mental and physical.

Yoga is more than a work out which falls under the static category. This encourages and enables all walks of life, age groups and even those who suffer from various illnesses to easily do these positions.

Its very nature is humble and soothing. Moreover, Sonika explained that the minimum expenditure of energy in Yoga helps to develop the cardiovascular efficiency and thus is well suited to different individuals. In addition, it contributes to the flexibility and strength of the spinal code, good posture, and breathing, health of vital organs and even mental problems such as stress and anxiety.

This ensures control over autonomic function of the body which in turn leads to relaxing the body and mind which is something that isn’t typically experienced via other form of vigorous exercises.

You might wonder what makes the Yoga programs offered by Empower different from others.

The programs designed by Empower fitness offers a Traditional & holistic approach to Yoga teaching.

Empower Yoga prompts healthy thinking, healthy eating & healthy living. "Yoga to relax your body, mind & soul"

Now this is clearly evident if you have a look at Sonika’s and Empower’s philosophy!

“Do Yoga for Precaution, Promotion & Preservation”

“Yoga Rejuvenates, Refresh & Relaxes your body, mind & soul”

For the shy or those who cannot visit their studio, Empower Fitness offers Home Yoga called PT as well. And they offer discount for children between 9 to 17 years in hopes to promote Yoga among children.

Wait there’s more!

They even offer a free trial class for new clients who needs personal attention and necessary precautionary measures are taken when attending to each and every individual who visits them.

Concluding, I would like to say that, New Year resolutions or losing weight for your wedding or a party isn’t enough anymore. Stop talking about it, and do something about it!

Like Sonika simply put it, “Reading or talking about Yoga will not give you any health benefits unless you start practicing Yoga”


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