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Why You Shouldn’t Eat Too Much Before Bed

16 March 2017 - 16:12


Foodie, binge-watcher and a voracious bookworm

You may have heard that it is dangerous or unhealthy to eat after a certain hour in the evening. While there is no direct evidence to support it, eating late into the night can have negative effects on your sleep, waistline and overall health.

Firstly, fatty and hearty meals just before bedtime overload the digestive tract, increasing metabolism and body temperature. These two components make the brain work more actively in rapid eye movement sleep.

An excessive dinner can also effect your sleep by making your sleep light and interrupted, as having drinks close to your bedtime can cause you to wake up multiple times in the night to relieve yourself.

If you eat certain foods shortly before lying down, you may develop heartburn, also called acid reflux. Symptoms include a burning feeling in your chest and tasting stomach acid in the back of your throat. Eating too much can cause acid reflux, as can eating foods known to trigger the condition, such as chocolate, citrus fruits, fatty foods and spicy foods.

It’s not a good idea to make a habit of eating unhealthy foods before bed. Avoid the pitfalls of eating too much at night by spreading out your caloric intake throughout the day, not skipping meals and choosing healthful foods if you are hungry in the evening.


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