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Yes we all know exercise is important! But WHERE, WHAT or HOW do I start?

31 October 2017 - 15:36


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Does that question ring in your mind whenever you think, “Yes it’s about time I started”?

If you are not someone in the habit of exercising, you already know what a pain it is to find time to exercise. Especially if you struggle to juggle your education, career, family and other responsibilities.

Although we still have 365 days a year (rarely otherwise), days seem shorter, and work load seems to go off the roof for most of us.

This is the case if you think about the entire world and it’s +/- 7.6 billion people.

We humans have become so accustomed to new technology and easier and a more dynamically advanced living, we still barely get time to relax and exercise. 

However, with the inevitable rise in obesity and diseases related to weight and unhealthy lifestyles, the norm of instilling an exercise routine in daily life is on the rise; finally some good news!

While there are many types, forms and various exercise intensities, not all of us can do everything, except for those few lucky ones.

If you look at Maldives, numerous gyms and exercise regimes have opened up recently. From personal instructors who work freelance to swim instructors, gyms and various exercise classes.

Now the one thing in the hype today is Yoga. Yes! YOGA! Who knew right?

Although a very effective and efficient system, Yoga never rose to fame until very recently. You might think it’s only targeted for relaxation, but there’s so much more to it.

To put simply, Yoga:

·  Improves your energy level, metabolism and vitality: What better way to boost the quality of your busy life?

·  It increases flexibility! And your weight doesn’t matter, you can do those weird poses! Seriously!

·  It aids in weight loss

·  Your arms, shoulder, leg and core is worked on resulting in a much stronger muscles

·  Have frequent back pains? This is the place to start!

·  Improves posture

·  One of the most effective and alternative therapy to diseases.

·  Increases endurance and overall strength of your body including quads, calves and hamstrings

·  Help recover from long term injuries, If you ever had an accident, pulled a muscle or any form of permanent injury, Yoga is something that can alleviate that pain and make your healing process easier and faster

The list above points out only few benefits of doing Yoga. If you ever had the chance to talk with someone who practices Yoga, you will be able to understand why it ranks in the position today.

But only if and when you try will you see its benefits. Even from the 1st Try. Yes, just try ONCE!

So again the question as where to start?

Empower fitness Gym will be hosting a free class on 4th November 2017, this Saturday, exclusively for Ladies!

A highly trained and experienced Yoga professional Ms. Sonika will be taking the class.

Take this FREE class “From beautiful to Bold with Sonika”. Try is once and you will undeniably see a huge difference.

Take some time to make your soul happy. 


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