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Amitabh Bachchan credits Mumbai as a place that forced him to find a job

04 September 2017 - 14:28


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Anyone who knows Bollywood, knows that Amitabh Bachchan is a legend. He is regarded as as the 'godfather of Bollywood' and often known as 'Big B.' Since his career began in the 1970's, the 74 year old has starred in almost 200 films with three movies already on it's way in 2017 alone.

During the CNBC's travel show 'Trailblazers', Amitabh talked about the city in which is acting career commenced: Mumbai. He credited the city for being the home of Bollywood movies, and a place that had forced him to find a job after he moved from his home in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh in north central India during 1969.

After arriving to Mumbai, Mr. Bachchan spent the night on a bench on coastal boulevard marine drive, afterwards he stayed over at a crowded apartment. "I used to stay with friends of mine or staying with some of my brother's friends who were already living in an apartment with four or five people in one room," he explained.

Speaking about his struggle in establishing a career in acting, Bachchan said that getting up in the morning and visiting studios to 'try and sell your face to them' became sort of a routine. He added that Mumbai is a city "that actually wakes you up in the morning, kicks you on the backside and says get out and get a job for yourself. It really pushes you."

Bachchan still resides in Mumbai, after achieving immense success in Bollywood he now lives nearby the beach in the neighbourhood of Juhu, along with his wife Jaya Bachchan.  Every Sunday, he comes out of his home to greet the thousands of fans gathered by his house, that started visiting after he suffered a near-fatal accident during the shooting of 'Coolie' in 1982.

"Every Sunday they come to the gate, and I just go out and wave them, wave to them. It's a kind of endorsement that I'm still alive and (I) do a couple of autographs, do some photographs," he said.


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