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Did Ranbir Kapoor refuse to work with Alia Bhatt because of ex-lover Deepika Padukone?

10 April 2017 - 20:51


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Alia Bhatt has received praises for the acting she portrayed in ‘Highway’ by her fans and the critics, however she might have not quite impressed Imtiaz Ali that much. As it is evident that the director didn’t consider Alia Bhatt for his next movie called 'Window Seat' along with Ranbir Kapoor. The Actress chose by the director was eventually Deepika Padukone. Did the director dislike her acting so much in Highway that he chose to not take her for his next project? Or was the box-office failure of Highway the reason? Or then again, did Ranbir lean toward working with his ex-flame Deepika? We ponder…

However sources confirm that the real reason for her being ousted from the project was her age. According to a source, Imtiaz found her to be “too young” for playing the female lead opposite Ranbir.

Junior Kapoor on his part had actually recommended Alia for the female protagonist in Window Seat, but stating her age as the deciding factor, Imtiaz being the perfectionist, didn’t take his idea into consideration. 

 “Ranbir has always believed that Alia has a lot of potential as an actor. So he had suggested her name, and asked if she fits the role. But she is too young for the part,” Imtiaz mentioned while talking to the media. 

It is intriguing to recall that Imtiaz; at first wished to cast an older heroine in Highway yet finally decided to proceed with Alia. Even for Window Seat, he had previously wished to have a young heroine play the role, however later on, he confirmed Deepika for the role opposite Ranbir. We hope Ranveer Singh is keeping an eye on his rumored girlfriend’s choice of co-stars!

It is hoped that Ranbir and Deepika will once again show their magic on screen just like they did in ‘Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani’ when the film be aired later this year. 

The film is all slated to go on floors later this year and we hope Ranbir and Deepika will once again spill magic together just like they did in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Concerning Alia, all we can say in regards to her dreams of working with her biggest crush Ranbir is that ‘better luck next time’. Right?


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