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At a loss how to buy high end kitchenette and service amenities? Look no further!

24 July 2017 - 09:50


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The Maldives being the crown jewel that it is comes with its own many challenges when operating in the high end services of the hotel and resort industry. From choosing intricately designed items that contribute to your business to finding suppliers that cater to your needs is hard to find. Especially when it comes to the long haul distribution channel over the vast sea. 

In a dedicated vision to enrich life with quality, Astrabon is one Supplier you cannot miss out on. Branded high end products ranging from glassware, kitchenware, flatware to machines, buffet ware and linen, their product line is endless. 

Products are carefully selected to meet the needs of Resort and Hotel suppliers with unwavering devotion to deliver top notch products that will keep customers satisfied. 

What’s more? their website, astrabon.net, has been designed for user friendliness and convenience that guarantees a positive experience to each and every visitor. Customers are able to select from the vast collection of branded products and checkout and pay directly via the website. 

Don’t worry, your card details are securely stored in their system and only entered via the Bank of Maldives Secure page. 

Last but not the least!

  • They are available 24/7!

  • Free returns for every order above $100.00

  • Free shipping for all orders above $500.00

Astrabon delights on delivering on the same day and if your product isn’t available, they order FOR you and deliver within a duration of MAX 2 months!

Concluding, it is a given that they are indeed one of the leading hotel and Resort suppliers in the Maldives. So if you are looking for branded high quality products, Astrabon is where you need to look!


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