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Seven Key parts of a successful Business Plan

09 April 2017 - 11:12


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A sound business plan is a crucial part of a successful business. Whether you are starting anew, or expanding your business. 

A business plan will act as a road map to your ultimate goal. It will provide all the answers to a comprehensive list of questions that will start from where you want to take your business, to how and when. Furthermore, it will also help you determine the rate of revenue and other factors such as employees, expenses and most importantly, your milestones.  

If you manage to develop the following core business sections, your business plan is good to go:

1.Company Analysis

The company analysis will include the products and/or services offered by your business and what your plans are for the future. It will also include as to how your products and services will be developed in the future and your goals and objectives. 

2.Industry Analysis

Industry analysis involves understanding the market and industry you are going to run your business in. For instance, is it the construction or tourism industry? What are the latest market trends and how it affect the existing business and if these trends will have an impact on your business.

3.Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis determines your competitors and their primary strengths and weaknesses. Essentially, a competitor analysis will help you identify how to gain competitive advantage in the industry. 

4.Consumer Analysis

Consumer analysis helps you determine who your target customer base is. This will involves factors pertaining to demography and psychographic aspects and customer needs and wants. A good consumer analysis will help you cater directly to customer demands. 

5.Marketing Plan

A marketing plan involves the process on how to reach your target customers. It also includes the distribution and marketing channels, promotional tactics, brand positioning and the pricing of your product/service. 

6.Operations Plan

The Operation plan involves the milestones that you will accomplish as you go from your current point to your targeted position. 

7.Financial Plan

Financial Plan will include all the funding that your company will need. It will specify the areas funds are needed, and how much and when it will be needed. In addition, a financial plan will also comprise of the projected revenues and profits over a specific period of time.

Various factors will contribute to the success of a business. It is always a good idea to plan your steps as every business involves a very high degree of commitment, time and funding.

Strategizing a good business plan can help you achieve your goals in a more organized manner rather than jumping in blindly. If you manage to develop a good business plan with strong content, it will drive you to success and prompt others to invest in you and your business. 


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