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The must know ‘ONLINE’ Marketing trends of Today

08 April 2017 - 17:54


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The traditional methods of marketing are a thing of the past now. Today, with the advancements of technology and innovation, the latest trends take place online.

It is the only place where we all connect regardless of our gender, ethnicity, religion and most importantly, geography. The world has become a global village connected by strings of electronic signals. Online marketing has evolved rapidly since the beginning of the ‘Internet’.

More than often, only a few marketers are skilled enough to utilize the vast opportunities that this platform brings. Only those who adopt the changes as quickly as it comes are guaranteed to succeed in finding that edge over its competitors. 

Below are five online marketing trends of today.

1.   The use of Videos

Online users love watching videos. If the majority is like you and me, we prefer those little videos that grab our attention rather than just sticking to long boring texts.

This is proven by the fact that Facebook, at the end of 2014 hosted approximately one billion video views per day, and this figure grew to an astonishing eight billion by the end of 2015.

In addition to such statistics, numerous studies also show that web content that has videos have higher engagement rates in comparison to its more unexciting alternative of just text.

The use of thought provoking and entertaining videos to present information will get your target customers attention more easily and ranking these videos on result pages will drive a substantial amount of traffic to your website.

2.   Content Re-marketing

Content Re-marketing is all about pulling in the visitors of your website who read your content but did not show interest beyond that. The contact information of the users who visit websites are collected often through registration or signing in via a third party website such as Facebook or twitter. This information can be used to re-market your content to fully capture the visitors to persuade them to keep returning to your site or initiate purchase.
Content re-marketing can be used to show them what they missed and cater accordingly to their preference. In order to achieve this, a unique and captivating experience must be provided while they engage with your content.  

3.   Advertising via Social Media

Social Media is one platform where you can reach a target audience of billions with one simple Advertisement.

People all around d the globe engage in the online community to buy, sell or even judge products by its quality and any other feature they deem relevant. A lot of the businesses on the online platform charge for their advertisement by the amount of traffic.

One single share on a person’s Facebook page can generate a decent amount of traffic flow. This will increase the visibility of the businesses and as more users engage, the traffic flow increases thus the opportunity for more revenue growth.

For instance, you can try to obtain more traffic to your website by advertising on social media networks such as Facebook.

4.   Increase in demand for online paid advertisements

As more users engage online, the demand for online advertising is also on the rise. Many businesses opt to market their products or services online rather than the traditional methods of direct marketing.

With this revolution, marketing though online is relatively still cheaper than its counterpart of traditional direct selling, the prices are on the rise and more users engage in online content.

5.   Web surfing on mobile

Users today engage in online web content more on their mobile phones than on desktops. More people are opting for smartphones and it is carried everywhere, from bathroom to work to trips.

Every social networking media has a designated mobile app and there is almost nothing you can’t do on your mobile that isn’t available on your laptop. Thus maybe it is time that you make your business mobile friendly in order to capture this uprising market.

These are only five of the many trends used online today. With the constant evolution in technology, it is a no wonder these trends too will become too mainstream. The earlier theses advancements are accepted into your business, the more faster you will reap its benefits. Just be sure that you are aware of the changes and is willing to change with the flow of trends.  


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