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Tips on better social media marketing

11 June 2017 - 16:48


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Social Media can be the main source of a businesses success in this day and age. Almost everyone is using various social networks, and are searching for easier ways to get in touch with businesses that are providing services and offering products they desire. Building a strong social media presence can be pretty simple once you get to know how, and eventually lead to a better business. 

Use it all

No matter what the demographic of your customers are, make a complete profile on all major social networks such as; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. Make a snapchat profile as well if your audience includes those who aged 25 and below.

Focus on Locals

Building a local business profile is vital to your success, even if you are mainly an online business. Include detailed description of your services and products, as well as providing information on location, opening hours and contact information. 

Focusing on locals can lead to a boost in your business.

Make a schedule

Simply sharing a post is not enough anymore. You need to talk to your audience on a regular basis. Google is now using social signals when ranking algorithm, which means that if you are not posting or interacting everyday or weekly, and if your business has little social signal, then it can lower your ranking in the search engine.

Interact with your audience

Make posts that your audience and customers get engaged in. Draw them in with your words and products. Constantly interact with them by reacting to their comments or likes. People like it when a business responds to them, it builds trusts and aids in retaining your customers whilst bringing in more audience.

In addition to this, it can also be beneficial to build a relationship with other non-competitive local businesses by interacting with them through social media platforms.

Use Specified Targets

Be specific when it comes to running a paid social media marketing campaign. Do not target just anyone and everyone. Remember, you will be paying for each impression which can use up your marketing budget without hitting an actual target or getting leads. 

Create a customer persona and target people who fit these elements. As a result, you will be targeting customers who are actually interested in the products and services you offer, which can reduce the cost per conversion and increase the marketing budget.


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