Curation Policy

We at TrendingRED values good content for our Readers. We use all available resources to provide the best contents to our readers.

The internet is a platform that links, shares and endorse content from a variety of sources.

To us, curation is finding content that are interesting, well-written and relevant for our readers. In this context, some of the content provided is excerpted or curated from various sources on the internet.

By choosing any content from your website, we are inherently giving our vote of approval, and are given in highest recommendation. In every case, we give full credit to the original source.

If, for any reason, you wish us not to excerpt your content, simply contact us, and request that your content be taken down. We will immediately and without exception comply with your removal request, and put you on our list of sites never to excerpt from.

Please note, most online publishers appreciate the opportunity to receive more online exposure as a result of our curated content. Their articles are quoted, commented or discussed linking new readers to your articles. Sharing content online extends the reach, increases traffic and ultimately increases the profitability to the original publisher’s website.

In our curation process, we will use all of the following but not limiting to: direct quoting, commenting, discussing, debating and expose new readers to the original content of the writer and website without any change.

We want our readers to visit and discover your content and website, and we believe that our standards are above the strictly interpretation of fair use.

If you do not wish your content to be excerpted by our site or believe that our use of your content falls below “Fair use”, please let us know and we will immediately attend to correct the situation.

We excerpt your content the exact same way we hope others will curate our content.

If you are a copyright owner of any content on our website, and would like us to remove a piece of copyrighted content, please view our Publisher’s policy and contact us for removal.

If you find content on our site that you want to excerpt, feel free to do so. In return, please just give us clear credit, link backs to the original page on our site, and encourage your readers to visit our website to view the original content.

This is what we at TrendingRED do; this is what built the internet and what social sharing is all about. Everyone benefits when sharing is done respectfully and honestly.

On the Internet, curation and excerpting standards of content is still constantly evolving. It is imperative that you know that our standards may differ from yours. If you want us to be even more generous with giving credit to your original material, please let us know. We will fix it to your standards instantly.