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Infamous destinations which are worth visiting

03 May 2017 - 12:17

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

Are you fed up of people gushing over mainstream destinations? And you feel like…

Nope! Those are not your ideal travel spots. 

Here are some of the most infamous travel destinations which are absolutely worth it.

 Alappuzha, South India

Are you in love with Venice? But it seems too much for you? 


“Venice of the East” is the best option for you. It’s Alappuzha, South India. With backwaters and famous houseboats, could it get any better? You get the chance to surf on the mildest waters or just relax on the hammocks tied to the coconut trees. 

Piran, Slovenia

Are you fond of architecture? More specifically new architecture, culture and history? Take a trip to Piran, Slovenia. Explore the most enticing cities, large open air museums, medieval constructions, expressive architecture and the rich history of Slovenia. 

Lauterbrunnen valley, Europe

The Lauterbrunnen valley, also known to be the most beautiful valley in Europe. And it’s just one kilometer in width and is bordered by massive cliffs and soaring peaks of mountains surrounding the valley. 


What’s more, the highest waterfalls in Europe are found here and Lauterbrunnen is a valley of mysteries with its own secrets, so come discover these secrets, and put an end to your curiosity. 

Margaret River, Australia

If you are a surfer who loves food, Margaret River in Australia is a great destination for you. It’s a western coast full of surf breaks including the ‘Cow Bombara’, which is known to be the surf break which produces some of the biggest waves in Australia. 

Other than surfing and eating, you could also engage yourself in activities such as skydiving, whale watching and wildlife tours. 

Cook Islands

Furthermore, the Cook Islands offer a much more relaxing type of vacation. You can enjoy at the island just by watching the glistening sand and water at the break of dawn. 

You can engage yourself in activities such as hiking, snorkeling, fishing etc. and this will allow you to get a much more insider feel of the Cook Islands nature. Leaving all these activities aside, the actual fun begins after the sun sets, make sure you don’t miss it. 


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