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The beauty of Sri Lanka.

02 April 2017 - 14:51

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

Although Sri Lanka is considerately small, the nature, history and the beauty offered by the country is brimming. Sri Lanka is one of the finest islands that has a rich diverse history, which dates back to thousands of years.

From the beaches to the temples, from the jungles to their own tea plantations, it’s a sight you would not want to miss. Here are some of the locations you should visit while you’re staying in Sri Lanka. 

Sigiriya – It’s a magnificent rock fortress and palace situated in the Matale district. And is best known as the Lion’s Rock. Visitors can enjoy the scenic murals, landscaped gardens and sparkling ponds whilst they climb up the Ancient ruins of Sigiriya. Moreover you could climb to the very peak of Sigiriya and see the histrionic view from a 660 feet above. 

Adams Peak – it’s a tall, jagged mountain located in Central Sri Lanka. It is well known for the Sacred Footprint. It is argued that the impression of the footprint which is seen near the summit is either of the Muslim’s Prophet Adam or the Buddha’s own.  Whilst the Hindu and Christians claims that it’s of Shiva or that of St. Thomas. Aim to reach the top of the mountain before dawn to experience the beauty of an unforgettable sunrise. 

Galle – is a well-preserved majestic city, full of Dutch-era villas and marvelous seaside views. Visit the Galle Fort, which is built by the Dutch and now is a World heritage site and also the largest existing coastal fort in all of Asia which was built by Europeans. 

Yala National Park – situated in the Southeast coast of the island is the home to the biggest cats, the leopards. And also a nature reserve for Sri Lankan Elephants and Aquatic Birds. 

Polonnaruwa – Many decades ago, it was a busy religious hub and also the capital of the island. Polonnaruwa has a rich historical treasures such as ancient Sinhalese art and architecture, well-reserved ruins of temples, statues, tombs and various archeological sites. 

Kandy – is a large city located in the highlands of Sri Lanka, surrounded by hills and mountains. It’s the best place to experience Sinhalese culture. Especially if the visit during the Esala Perahera festival which is conducted in the summer. 

Nuwara Eliya – it is also a city situated on the highlands and is also surround by mountains. It could be also known as a little England, for its old British buildings such as the Queens cottage and the Generals House. Full of scenic beauty, such as waterfalls and various tea plantations on the hills. Nuwara Eliya is viewed as the most important place for tea production, don’t forget to try a cup of tea when you’re visiting.

Mirissa – is a down to earth, tiny beach side village with clear turquoise waters, the best place to lie down under the sun. The prosperous night life and the hideaway beaches is the main reason Mirissa is a ‘Must’ for Tourists.


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