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World’s most unique travel Destinations.

20 March 2017 - 14:41

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

Travelling is nice. Overwhelming to the most. But the main part of travelling that satisfies the soul is the whole new experience you get when you are encountering something new - Something you haven’t done or seen before. Each travel destination has its own few unique amenities that other destinations might not offer.  However there are only a selected few locations that offer a unique genuine experience.

Some of these destinations are a work of art – the flora and fauna found there would not be found anywhere else, or where the mountains meet and the scenic landscape of the impressive formations. 

What makes these destinations unique is that they do not have man-made features – created out of sand, made to decay.

There is an odd industry of catering people for a night in rooms made of sculpted ice.  Redesigned and remade every winter. Although there are ice hotels in Quebec, Canada, Finland, Romania and Norway, The hotel that is located in Sweden takes the call for the oldest and for the well-known Frozen Motel.

If that is not enough. For a whole different type of frozen adventure, head north to Iceland. Where you will encounter the land of fire and ice – geothermal baths in the blue lagoon while it’s snowing outside.

Some of these destinations are rather unique because they are distant or isolated, and have been this way for a long period of time. For example, Madagascar, eastern coast of Africa near the Indian Ocean is excessively remote. It is extremely isolated that 90% of its native plant life would not be found anywhere else in the world.

Hot or cold, isolated or under developed, these destinations offer something that is not available elsewhere in the world.

If that isn’t a good enough reason to pack your travel bags and leave. I don’t know what is.


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