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Facebook introducing publisher logos next to articles on Trending and Search

04 September 2017 - 14:12


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The most popular social network - Facebook has announced that they are introducing publisher logos next to the articles in Trending and Search sections. According to a blog post on the 22nd of August, the product manager of Facebook, Andrew Anker said that it is being done as "part of our ongoing efforts to enhance people’s recognition of the sources of news distributed on our platform."

Majority of the time, when Facebook users see an article on their feed or search for a particular topic, they end up saying "I saw it on Facebook." Though it is not something we regard too much, it is a problem for publishers when someone assumes it comes from 'Facebook.'

The new features for publishers allows them to upload multiple versions of their logos to be seen next to an article, offering branding as context with the content through their new 'Brand Asset Library.'

"To start, we are introducing these logo treatments exclusively for articles in Trending and Search, but the eventual goal is to extend these to all places where people consume news on our platform." wrote Anker.

Facebook stated that the change is to aware  users regarding the source of the content they read. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, only 56% of online news readers could identify where they had read an article. Moreover, readers named Facebook as source of the news almost as much as any other platform.

"CNN was named at least once over the week by 14% of those who followed links, similar to the 12% who named Fox News and 10% who named Facebook, even though Facebook does not produce the news stories distributed on the site," the report by Pew Research Center noted.

When publishers upload their logos, it will appear both on mobile and desktop, when users search for the topics.

"We’ll continue to solicit feedback and explore additional opportunities to reinforce publisher brand on Facebook. We look forward to continued collaboration with partners in support of a more informed community." read the statement by Facebook.


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