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8 Ways to boost your Confidence

20 April 2017 - 12:19


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So most of us has been in the situation where we weren’t confident enough to believe in what we were saying, but had to look the part regardless. 

The hyper active business environment today demands confidence. It is a crucial part of it. As an entrepreneur, sales executive or a promoter, you cannot land that deal if you don’t look confident to your investor or buyer. 

The quality of what you are selling is important yes, but even the worst product can be sold if you show that you are indeed confident about it. It’s all about portraying yourself to look like you believe in what you’re doing. 

Other than playing the part assigned, for the entrepreneur, you need to believe that you are worthy and that you can achieve success. Even in fear, the ‘Can do’ attitude is what matters. 

Below are some helpful tips to boost your confidence level.

1. Look the part

Dress like the person you want to be perceived as. A well-dressed person looks powerful, knowledgeable and competent to others. Dress to the occasion accordingly. However, it is important that you consider your clients emotional comfort. For instance, you cannot approach a client who is well-known for dressing casual even in business meetings. Do a thorough background check and make sure you have all the facts right. Being knowledgeable about your client, the company and its values will act to your advantage. 

2. Correct your posture

Carry yourself well and don’t slouch. A poor posture can make you appear uninterested, lazy or insecure. Elongate your spine and stay straight rolling your shoulders back. Keeping your head in a neutral position with your chin slightly raised will add to your posture.

3. Dismiss your worries

Over thinking and over analyzing will make you stress more. Instead dismiss all thoughts and focus on your next step and what should be done. Concentrate on the things that you can influence and don’t hassle over things that are out of your hand. 

4. Think positive

  Let go of all the negativity in your mind and around you. Try to think positively no matter the situation. Show appreciation and kindness towards others and it will get back to you in unexpected ways. 

5. Don’t obsess over mistakes

Making mistakes is part of human nature. When you do commit a mistake, don’t obsess over its consequences, but if you can, find solution for it take responsibility. Apologize if you have to and move forward with renewed determination. 

6. Take every opportunity to learn and grow

With every experience, whether positive or negative you learn something. Even a small accomplishment can help to increase your confidence. Learn a skill, read more, learn a new sport or language. Invest in yourself. 

7. Take rest

Don’t push yourself to exhaustion from work that you eventually burn out. Take time to rest and enjoy the world and its charms. Invest time in family, friends and your hobbies. Taking rest will make you feel energized and more ready for the next challenge.

8. Ask for Advice

If you ever doubt yourself, seek advice from those closest to you. The trusted body of people who are there to catch you when you stumble. In most cases, an objective opinion or well-intended advice will help you transform your attitude and give you more insight to the solution you seek. 


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