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The Dormant Entrepreneur - Awakening your Creative Side

16 April 2017 - 14:39


Travel enthusiast and market analyst, committed in promoting positive community growth.

If you are an entrepreneur, or a potential one, chances are you are pretty good at finding creative solutions for unfulfilled needs in the market. For an entrepreneur, creativity is a necessary survival skill. 

Staying creative, or coming up with innovative solutions isn’t always easy. Somewhere along the way, you brain just fizzle out and you keep hitting dead ends. 

The path to creativity isn’t always scientific, rather it is psychological and random. At least that is what I believe. 

You may have plenty of ideas running around your head, but may have difficulty in surfacing your idea to transform it into an ingenious solution.

For every business, differentiating from your competitors is key to success. Thus, using existing strategies in a creative manner is not the answer, rather use your creativity with originality to market and promote your product.

So what can be done to re-awaken that entrepreneurial spirit that has gone dormant?

Look no further, below are ways that you can reconnect with your entrepreneurial spirit and get those creative juices flowing again.

1.My favorite thing to do is talking with a kid

Just spend 15 minutes talking to them, even ask their opinion about your product or how do you think you should promote it, or what do they think is lacking. Children are the very thing of imagination and fantasy. They are such curious creatures and filled with so much wonder about every single thing that if you are willing to take that time, they will take you into their world without any confines.

I guarantee you, they will give hilarious answers that may look childish, but more than often proves to be incredible solutions. Even if you don’t manage to derive any creativity, you’ll probably have a good laugh, and might I say, a good mood is always a strong way to come up with brilliant ideas. 

2.Visiting your artistic side

Most entrepreneurs have an artistic side to them. Whether drawing, painting, poetry, writing, photography, molding or making something new. 

Creating something will encourage you to think on your imaginative side and hone your skills along with it. Your mind will open to new ideas and concepts as you work your way along the project. 

3.Visiting a new place

Going somewhere new is always a new experience, and you will find new things to wonder about. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a vacation, just visit a place for one or half a day. Walk along the side of the beach you haven’t gone before. The basic point is to visit an unfamiliar place that will evoke new reactions in your mind. 

4.Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something that scares you

This doesn’t have to do with jumping into the ocean or shark infested water. 

I was someone who always loved the motorbike. But I was scared out of my mind from an accident that occurred some years back. I used to drive directly at people when I was scared (not on purpose of course) but confronting that fear and driving anyway gave me a sense of accomplishment that made me proud of myself. 

From facing or doing something that scares you, your perception will change. The surge of pure adrenaline is something that allows you to triumph over your fear and triggers your mind to creativity. 

5.Go Offline and take a break

Take a break from all your electronics, mobile, lap, computer, and just walk around paying attention to your surroundings. Just watch how people move around, the way leaves rustle in the wind, or the way each wave breaks onto the beach, or how bubbles foam beneath your feet. 

Take in everything and be in that moment, experience it completely, from the wind to every single back ground noise and the scene in front of you. Living in that moment will make wheels turn in your head, and will help awaken your creative side. 

6.Strike a conversation with other entrepreneurs 

Just talk with someone who is knowledgeable. Often, experienced readers are your best source. Go for a coffee and once you start listening to a good entrepreneur talk, you could listen all day. Their knowledge and experience can help you learn many things. 

Creative ideas may not come as often or as easily as you want. The key is noting it down when it does come. 

Let’s say you are a novelist. An idea may come even from a dream. I cannot say how many times I have fought and run from supernatural creatures in my dreams. Even your dreams are a source to initiate your creativity. Just make sure you write it down. 

So when you do need to think of something good, just search through your idea journal and think of ways to turn those ideas into business strategies.

An archeologist walks on a deserted waste land, in hopes to find an ancient artifact hidden beneath the dead ground. He could spend days, or even years searching under the burning sun. It is only by luck that his eyes catch the light from the half buried antique object just as he was about to leave. 

An idea is just like this. You never know when, how, where or why it comes, it just does. The world around us is a huge podium of inspiration. All you need to do is, be open to it and embrace it full on. 


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