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The ‘Moody feelings’ of the potential entrepreneur – An indication you are finally becoming who you are supposed to be

25 April 2017 - 15:16


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So you are lying on bed, thinking to yourself, “What am I doing with my life? Why was I sent here what am I supposed to do? 

Questions of negativity come rolling into your mind and you feel glum and lost. While negative emotions are typically a bad thing, that isn’t always the case. Teenage years are the worst, filled with so many emotions that you feel it tenfold. No wonder teens are labelled grumpy or impulsive. 

Such emotions can be experienced during adulthood as well, the only difference is, now you deal with it better. So what are these feelings?

1. You become your own person and do everything by yourself 

As maturity hits, you think you won’t burden anyone about anything, and do things all by yourself. You jump in willingly and take on the responsibility, especially when it comes to family and loved ones. However, a feeling of loneliness always exist and you feel isolated from everyone else.

Regardless, the feeling of being reliable and independent keeps you going. You triumph over the fact that you are strong and do anything even if you feel scared. 

2. You are more direct and honest and is not afraid to say what you need

Unlike your younger self, you find that you say what you need to, directly without sugar coating, no matter who it is. However being direct doesn’t mean that you are impolite, but more than often people may get offended and conflict arises in relationships, both in work and in personal life. 

3.You acknowledge your flaws

You know you are not perfect and you identify your problems, whether it is being hot tempered, moody, having trouble with socializing, or with trusting people. 

Regardless you try to deal with all your issues and overcome them by giving your best efforts. You understand how these problems can be perceived by the people around you, and you try not let it have an effect on your relationship with others. 

4. You question your relationships and lose Trust in people

With time, you realize that you know many people, but they are nothing more than acquaintances. You identify fake from real and build the strong desire to cut off ties with them. A sense of guilt and sadness build up when realization comes crashing down, but you believe it is time to remove the toxicity that comes with having relations with these people. Thus you start by distancing yourself and eventually, losing contact. However, to the small group of people you consider real and well-intended, you are loyal and willing to take that extra step.

5. That constant thought, “My life is so boring”

You don’t feel satisfied at the place you are in your life. There is something missing, or you want more. The desire to pursue a dream, do something that you love, but now when you come to think of it, you don’t know how to reach there, but you still want more. 

You think you have no social life and no friends like you used to. But then again, unnecessary drama will always make life ‘Boring’. 

6. The feeling of being lost and confused.

You portray yourself as bold and extremely strong, but most of the time you feel exceedingly insecure about your life. You do not really understand where life is taking you or how it is supposed to be. The anticipation of future makes you anxious and uneasy. However despite all the fear, you still manage to hold on and take one day at a time and believe things will get better and your path will be shown to you when its time. 

7. You keep struggling for time

The 24 Hours in a day are not enough for you. You keep finding yourself in busy situations and stressed for time. You struggle to spare time for your loved ones and there is always something that needs to be done. Whether at work or home. But working so hard is a sure sign that you are working towards what you believe. The road to success isn’t always easy after all. 

Many would say life isn’t an easy place to be. You are bombarded with negativity and problems constantly. Persevering and being steadfast in all your actions is key to success. It is important that you don’t absorb everything that happens, both bad and good. 

We are in age where the world seems to be going to the dump and to stay above all of it, it is important that you learn to understand your own feelings and don’t let it throw you down. 


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