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Four unexpected reasons you keep getting pimples

05 November 2017 - 01:04


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Have you followed the correct beauty remedies to get make your acne disappear but they keep on coming back? Well, even though most of us exfoliate, apply creams, and do what ever we can, we sometimes forget the little things.

These 'little' things that we often overlook, can be a big reason why our pimples come back as soon as they disappear. Here is four suprising reasons that pimples never stay gone, according to an expert.

The Bed Sheets

Your skin is exposed to bacteria while you are asleep. Therefore sleeping on dirty sheets will bring out the acne, especially if you are already prone to it.

Washing your sheets once or once in every two months is not going to cut it. It is best to wash them on a regular basis to be certain that all the dirt and everything gross is removed from the place you get your night's rest. 

According to  Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, "not washing your sheets means that dirt and microorganisms will be in contact with your skin as you sleep, contaminating your skin, even if you have washed [your face] before bed." He also suggests sleeping on the back so your face has a lesser chance of coming into contact with the pillowcase.

Hair-care products

Zeichner states that hair-care products could be a reason for the breakouts. "Pomades and other thick hair care products can affect your skin, as well as your hair," he says. "Take care not to allow it to get on to your temples or forehead, as they can block pores causing breakouts."

The Computer

Laptops and desktops both harbour a ton of bacteria, which can be easily transferred from our hands to the face. While not everyone spends their time on a computer, those that especially worked in desk-jobs could have more difficulty when it comes to this.

"Leaning on the palm of your hand as you look at your computer during the day can transfer dirt and oil from your palm onto your skin, [thus] causing pimples," says Zeichner. It is impossible to keep our computers clean at all times, but we can use things such as disinfectant wipes to remove any dirt quite easily.

Your Smartphone

Similar to the computer, your smartphone can harbour bacteria, dirt and dust as well. Actually, smartphone's are even worse than desktops or laptops, as it is constantly set down in different surfaces.

"Your cell phone accumulates dirt and oil from your skin — and bacteria from the environment — as you put your phone down on a table or chair," says Zeichner, adding that smartphones might be colonized by more microorganisms than a public toilet!

Keep some handy wipes to keep your smartphone clean once or twice a day.


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