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10 hydrating fruits to eat during Ramadan

03 June 2017 - 15:19


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While we are trying to improve our spirituality in Ramadan, it is mindful to boost our health as much as we can as well. During this holy month, we fast long hours of the day which causes us to loose a lot of water that is already in our body. Hence, to make up for that our body needs to stay constantly hydrated when we are not fasting, to ensure that we are in healthy shape.

However, in Ramadan, we usually forget to drink the amount of water the body requires. Therefore, we made a list of hydrating fruits to have throughout this month that provides a lot of health benefits.


Watermelon is made up of about 92% of water, which is great when it comes to hydration. According to some researches, the fruit contains natural vitamins and minerals, sugars and salts, which can make it even more effective for hydration than water! Stay hydrated by having more of watermelon to eat or as a drink. 


Pineapple contains 85% of water, and has properties to improve the immune system, as having it as a juice or even a fruit salad will increate the intake of antioxidants.


Having 84% of water, apples are also a great way to stay hydrated. Whether you choose the green, red, or golden apples, you can get the benefits of this delicious fruit regardless of how you choose to consume it.


I think we all know by now that tomato is a fruit. While most of us will not be making juices out of tomatoes, it can be eaten in various forms by adding to your food or even making tomato soup. It is a good source of hydration as tomatoes are 95% water. 


Apart from being made up of 88% water, peaches are a good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. If you eat a peach, not only are you staying hydrated but you will be getting numerous health benefits along with it.


This is one delicious fruit that we all love to consume in different ways. Having an 85% water content, oranges are super tasty and be used in countless ways.


Though all berries are known to have a high water content, strawberries are contain about 92%. Whether you choose to have it mixed with other berries, or simply on its own, strawberries can help you stay hydrated throughout the day.


Grapefruit is 90% of water! Not only does it help the body stay hydrated (especially when we burn energy and sweat a lot), but it is can aid in weight loss, and treat illnesses like a cold.


Surprising isn't it? Why is cucumber in a list of fruits? That is because it is a fruit! Yes, although we use and identify it as a vegetable, similar to tomatoes; cucumbers are botanically fruits. It also has the rate of water content which 96%! You can do a lot with cucumbers. Whether it is infused cucumber water, making cucumber soup, or adding it to a salad, there are several ways you can consume it.

Green Peppers

Also a fruit, it has a water content of 94%. Other than being a source of hydration, it as health benefitis such as reducing risk of eye disorders (age related). 

There you have it! The best fruits to eat to stay hydrated. If you are not too thrilled to drink water all the time, then try to incorporate the above fruits to your diet for best results.


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