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Ever wonder why you can't find grape ice cream? Here's the answer!

15 September 2017 - 17:32


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Many of us love grape. It is one of the most common fruit flavours when it comes to candy or even popsicles. However, despite it's popularity with sweets, it is darn hard to find the flavour in ice cream. Bet you never noticed until now, right?

Grape ice cream is actually very rare, and there is a perfectly understandable reason for that. The fruit consists of a high water content, which is a great way for us to stay hydrated. However when it comes to ice cream, it means that it will turn into icy chunks once frozen. While this is what we would look for in a popsicle, it is not quite what we expect from ice cream. On top of that, as most of the flavour is on the skin, peeling the grapes would take it away, and leaving the skin on would ruin the texture of the ice cream. 

Regardless of the ice issue, it can be made at home or at small local shops where small batches pureed grapes can be combioned with the smooth and creamy ice cream base. But selling grape ice cream on a larger scale can make things tricky. 

Founders of Ben & Jerry's - one of the most popular ice-cream brand in the world, used to make flavours such as melon or cantaloupe, explains a PR representative of Ben & Jerry's - Sean Greenwood “But then, they were doing it on a two-gallon batch,” he says. “To try to do that on a massive scale is much more challenging.” He also said that most people do not associate grape with ice cream, therefore the company itself and other brands have not put much focus on the flavour. 

Ben & Jerry's tried to make grape ice cream at one point, however the flavour received mix reviews from taste-testing guests at the company's Flavour Lab. So they decided not to move forward with it. 

But still, there are small numbers of the flavour out in the market even if we don't see it as much.

Did you ever come across grape flavoured ice cream?


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