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Want to make your iced coffee taste incredible? Here's how!

15 September 2017 - 14:31


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Don't you just hate it when you are drinking a refreshing iced coffee but the ice cubes starts melting down and turns it into a watery mess? The trick to avoid this is, to make ice cubes with coffee instead of water! Instead of watering down your drink, the coffee ice cubes add extra flavour as they melt down.

Yes, it sounds like an amazing idea. But there is way to kick it up a notch. According to food blogger Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen, she likes to take her iced coffee game one step further by adding a unique twist to it. And that is fresh spices! Yes, Claire infuses fresh spices into her ice cubes to give that cool glass of coffee a boost of additonal flavours.

Claire recommends to play around with different spices and flavours like cinnamon or cardamom. She personally prefers the latter. “I love cardamom coffee,” Claire says. “It adds this really wonderful, spicy note to it. It’s kind of sexy, a little bit exotic.”

Claire says to simply grind a few pods of cardamom in with coffee beans (it can work with instant coffee too), then brew it as you normally would before pouring into ice cube trays to cool. When it comes to making ice cubes, Claire loves to use silicon trays “You can use any ice cube tray, that’s not going to change how this works. But I love the silicon because it’s just so much easier,” she says. “You can just pop the ice cube right out, and it comes in really fun shapes and sizes.” 

To really take your iced coffee to the next level, Claire suggests adding a creamy ingredient to the coffee ice cubes "you could add some milk, you could add coconut milk — you basically can play around with it," she says. As the ice cubes melt, it gives an ehanced flavour and becomes rich and creamier.

So there you have it! Make sure to give it a try. 

What kind of spices are you going to add to your coffee ice cubes? 


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