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Arbaaz Khan is Dating.But to whom is a mystery!

06 April 2017 - 11:24


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The news of Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora’s divorce after 18 years of marriage shocked the fans of the couple. Despite Arbaaz’s best efforts, the actor-director failed to reconcile his relationship with his wife. 

Indeed, even as all sorts of assumptions was overflowing that a compromise was on the cards, given their continuous trips and gatherings together, it was not intended to be. Arbaaz finally opened up in an interview and said that there was no possibility of them getting back together. "I figure if that somehow managed to happen it would have occurred in the initial six months, or one year. It didn't and it's been very nearly three years now," he said.  

He included, "I wouldn’t want say anything about this on her behalf , all I can add is, I kept my alternative open in spite of us going separate ways, and I gave it time, regardless of how much time passed before I move on myself in certain ways .. even if it meant dating someone else whether it was a year or two years before I proceeded onward in certain ways. 

Arbaaz has now finally opened up about him being in a relationship. Arbaaz spoke about his dating but he left all confused on the details of the girl. “I’m am dating, yes But we are not… As of now, there is still a long way to go,” Arbaaz said on being asked about his relationship status.

When we inquired about whether he is dating the women on his Instagram photographs thats going wild the actor said “Which one? If you are talking about Yellow, she is just a friend. She is somebody who I meet when I go to Goa. She owns a restaurant.” Arbaaz was likewise connected to a riddle young lady who was a continuous element in his Instagram photographs as well.

The actor-director also shared his opinions about getting married for the second time and his thoughts about a casual relationship. “I feel there is a time and an age for sowing your wild oats. I had that phase before I was 26 when I met Malaika. Before that, I was playing the field. I was not in committed relationships, I had a number of girlfriends. When I met Malaika, I felt the need to get married and after four years of dating, we got married when I was 30. I really don’t know whether I have it in me at this point to go through the entire scenario of commitment and giving it everything. The mindset right now is that if somebody comes in my life, I will see it then…. Maybe even let it go on the way it is, rather than making any promises or commitments.”


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