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Cristiano Ronaldo announces the name of his soon to be born baby

30 October 2017 - 00:46


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Cristiano Ronaldo has publicly announced the name of his unborn child, through a live Instagram post. The 32 year old Football star turned to Instagram's 'Live Chat' with his girlfriend and mother of his soon to be born baby, Georgina Rodriguez to let the world know that they have already chosen a beautiful name. 

Ronaldo's fourth child, and first with the 25 year old model, is due in just 25 days according to The Sun. While the couple have kept everything about the pregnancy pretty much private, they decided to make the name of their daughter public even before she is born. 

"I chose the first name and Gio the second," Ronaldo said on his Instagram Live video together with his pregnant girlfriend, eldest son, and twin babies.. "The name of my daughter will be Alana Martina. I just wanted to share this with you. I think it is a beautiful name."

Ronaldo is already the father of three children; Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., and twins Mateo Ronaldo and Eva Maria Dos Santos, who were born through surrogacy.

According to reports, the football player who earned 2017's The Best FIFA Men's Player, began dating the Spanish Model in late 2016. While the couple was spotted cuddling in August 2016, they were seen together on their first public date in mid-november of 2016. It seems that the pair has been together since then.

The news of Georgina expecting Ronaldo's fourth child was confirmed in July 2017, just a month after he announced that he became the father of twins. 


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