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Demi Lovato recalls the Camp Rock scene where she 'fell in love' with Joe Jonas

16 October 2017 - 00:17


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Rumours have recently been going around stating that Demi might have written a song about her Bff; Nick Jonas - who, some are claiming that she has feelings for. However, both singers have remained nothing but best-friends. But there is one Jonas that Demi did have intense feelings for at one point in her life.

The famous pop singer (now 25) and the middle JoBro (now 28) began dating back in 2010, and it was quite a big deal on the internet. The Disney stars were involved in a relationship for a just a few months, until Joe Jonas decided to break it off. They have since remained good friends.

Recently, Demi has shared the exact moment she caught herself falling for Joe. In a YouTube Originals clip, “Demi Lovato Reacts to Demi Lovato’s Childhood Videos, Demi watched scenes from her childhood and early years - which features her appearance in the Disney movie Camp Rock (2008), and Camp Rock 2 (2010).

Demi co-starred with her the Jonas Brothers, portraying a character who became the love interest of Joe's character. And while Mitchie (Demi Lovato) was falling in love with Shane Gray (Joe Jonas), Demi was having the same feeling towards the (then) 21 year old singer. 

“Did you have a crush on him, like, this whole time?” asks Matthew Scott, one of Demi's close friends.  “Oh, yeah,” Demi admitted

When the scene where Joe played guitar by a lake came up, Demi recalled how it was the exact moment she knew she had a huge crush on the Jonas Brother, and possibly even fell in 'love' with him. "Oh my God, wait," she gasped. "This moment I frickin’ fell in love with him."

Apparently, the pair had their first kiss on camera while filming for Camp Rock 2!

It is unsure whether Demi was actually referring to that moment as 'love' itself, but hey we'll take what we can get. 


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