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Everything about the plot hole in pretty little liars makes sense now?!

18 April 2017 - 11:56


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Over the years; if there’s one thing we have learned about “Pretty Little Liars” is that even when we get some answers, they aren’t the ones we are looking for!

Most of the times, the viewers are hanging on the edge to know the answers, and as of now the viewers are mentally preparing themselves for the show’s final episodes; which is expected to blow our minds and we finally know why.

In Cosmopolitan’s oral history of the high school drama/murder mystery, production designer Jakub Durkoth revealed that logic isn’t welcome in the land of the “Liars.”

“I created a little box that hung on the wall in the art department. If you asked a logic question, you had to put a dollar in it,” he told the magazine.

Thus this gives the viewers a perfect explanation. It can be said that, if you’re still wondering how spencer and Charlotte were conceived, or whatever happened to Aria’s brother, Mike, don’t even bother expecting the answer.

It wasn’t only Durkoth who pointed out that the things in the fictional small town of rosewood doesn’t always makes sense. Costume designer Mandi Line also pointed out some unusual plot holes in the series.

Mandi Line said; “They never go to class. They always have coffee dates and breakfast. I’d be like, ‘Marlene did they go to school?’ ‘Not yet!’ ‘What time is it?’ ‘1p.m.!’ The absurdity trickles into every department.” He also added “If someone said about Aria, ‘That skirt is a little short,’ I would say, ‘She sleeps with her English teacher.’”

Moreover; Ian Harding, who plays Ezra on the series, had even better explanations for the nonsensical plot points in ‘PLL’.

“I wonder if we secretly paved the way for the Trump administration. Because it’s just about what you want to believe at all times and ignoring the obvious truths, and people just go with you for seven years on that,’ he said. There are so many times of, like, Go to the police! Don’t make this more difficult than it needs to be! It’s all about misinformation and a complete lack of logic. We just saturated the United States with it. I think we’re secretly to blame for the current president.”


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