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KJ Apa talks about Archie's music on Riverdale

01 November 2017 - 02:11


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Archie Andrews is our Riverdale bae, but did you know how much the character and the actual actor has in common? For instance, they are both athletes, and musicians. That's right, when you here Archie playing guitar and singing on Riverdale, it is actually the voice and talent of KJ Apa!

But, when it comes to music - KJ thinks that Archie has a lot  to improve according to an interview wth The Last. "I don’t know how to say it, but we’re not at the same level, you know what I mean?" says KJ.

"Somehow I have to say that in not a cocky way, but he’s a beginner. Also, the songs that he writes, I don’t think I would listen to them. I do not have the same taste in music as him." he added, as he listed the American hard rock band 'Van Halen' and rock band 'Third Eye Blind' among his favourites.

 "I listen to a bit of everything, but mostly classic rock and punk rock. I’m into harder stuff than Archie is." explains KJ, while Archie's taste in music (as we have seen so far) is more on a softer side.

KJ Apa learned to play the guitar at just 11 years of age, and performed 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' on an electric guitar for his audition of Riverdale. But according to the actor in an interview with Teen Vogue, singing is not something is quite comfortable with.

"Singing is really uncomfortable for me. It was definitely dipping out of my comfort zone." KJ told Teen Vogue. 

Season two of Riverdale premiered on October 11, and with everything that has been going on, Archie's focus has shifted from his music for the time being. Nevertheless maybe we will get to see more of his talent throughout the show.


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