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Chili peppers can actually burn extra calories!

05 November 2017 - 01:15


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If you're someone who loves spicy food - especially the chili peppers, guess what? It can burn off extra calories! 

A study published in the journal Obesity Open Access has determined that a spice found in chili peppers called 'capsaicinoids' can help in weight loss. The study asked fourty male and female participants to take a two-milligram capsule of capsaicinoids or a placebo each day. 

Once the participants started taking the pill, their metabolic rate was measured by the research team every hour for three hours. According to the colected data, the group of participants that took the capsaicinoids capsule burned an extra 116 calories per day than the group that just swallowed the placebo.

The authors of study writes that this could be due to “the thermogenic effect of capsaicinoids." Which means that the body creates more heat as it digests the spicy food, resulting in more calories being burned.

Another study back in 2011 from Purdue University in Indiana, USA, also found that eating red pepper caused individuals to have increased body temperatures, less of an appetite, and burn more calories. 

That's not all. A Chinese research suggests that spicy food may help you live longer. The Capsaicin found in chili peppers can aid in regulating metabolism and cardiovascular function, reduces blood sugar levels, boosts circulations, and improves psoriasis symptoms as well!

While it has been found that chili pepper can burn off extra calories, it is best if you exercise and have a healthy diet plan to achieve the ultimate goal - instead of just sticking with spicy food.


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