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Four common foods that leads to obesity

05 November 2017 - 01:14


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Obesity is no joke. It is something that we must take very seriously, and begins with the food that we put in our body. Most of these processed foods offer the pathway to unhealthy weight gain, we must be careful about what we purchase and consume.

Here the four most common foods that can cause obesity, and a simple solution on how it can be avoided. 

1. Sugar

Almost all healthy diet plans will ask you to cut out your sugar intake (or at least minimize it completely). Even several studies have determined that sugar consumption is the number one cause of unhealthy weight gain. However, we are mostly unware that we consuming more than our recommended share of sugar, as ut us a staple ingredient in most processed foods.

The best thing to do is to avoid items that are heavy on sugar, and limit how much of it we add to our food everyday. Four common foods that leads to obesity

2. White bread

This is the go to bread for half of the population. While it can be cheap and keep us filled, it has a high amount of calories in relation to its nutrient content. White bread does not contain too much of our needed nutritional benefits.

You do not have to cut out bread in order maintain a healthy weight. You can switch up the white to whole-grains, as it provides more nutrients and fiber to your body.

3. Margarine

Marigine is made with hydrogenated fat - a fat that is highly toxic and linked to heart disease. A 100-gram base margarine contains 15g of trans-fat, while butter has 3g; making margarine more dangerous to our health than butter.

It is best to stick with butter, especially grass-fed butter, as it can be the better alternative when it comes to your health.

4. Potato Chips

Yes, we do love munching on potato chips, but did you know that it causes weight gain? Of course, it is regarded as a junk food so that is sort of a given. But there are some people that assume eating potato chips provides nutritional benefits as it is made from potato - which is a big mistake. 

These potato chips you buy from the store can have a lot of ingredients that lead to weight gain. Avoid it by baking or frying your own chips at home.


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