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Best shows on Netflix Right now!

24 September 2017 - 10:09


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Well, we can all agree that Netflix has become our no. 1 friend who is always right beside your side when you need them. So let’s discuss the best shows to stream on Netflix for the time being.

1. Bojack Horseman

Season 4 Release: 8th Sept 2017

2. Master of none

Season 2 Release: 12th May 2017

3. American  Vandal

Season 1 Release: 15th Sept 2017

4. Narcos

Season 3 Release: 1st sept 2017

5. Wet hot American summer: Ten years later

Season 2 release: 4th Aug 2017

6. Ozark

Season 1 Release: 21st july 2017

7. Dear White People

Season 1 Release: 28th April 2017

8. Glow

Season 1 Release: 23rd June 2017

We hope this list finds you well. You could catch up on your favorite series on the weekend. Enjoy! 


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