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Blade Runner 2049 villian 'luv' was inspired by Taylor Swift

23 October 2017 - 00:01


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Taylor Swift did not shy away from pointing out all the drama that has revolved around her for the past few years on her new music video 'Look What You Made Me Do' of her latest album 'Reputation'. And now she has become an inspiration for a movie role due to her sense of control.

Blade Runner 2049 star Syliva Hoeks has revealed that she was inspired by celebrities - namely Taylor Swift, for her villanious character 'Luv', in a recent interview with Bustle.

"I looked at big celebrities, big singers, who are younger girls, like Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez," the actor explained. [These people] who have big platforms and have to have certain control in their life, because every little second of their day is probably somebody making a picture of them or putting them in the media. So their whole life kind of happens virtually."

Hoeks character 'Luv' in the 2049's futuristic dystopian movie, constantly under surveillance of Niander Wallace. Therefore it is rationale that she would turn to the biggest superstars of this day and age - who are going through the harsh realities of fame, success and endless attention from the world, to bring life to her bad-ass character. 

According to Hoek, spending time in the virtual world, which stars like Taylor Swift are already doing - is a lot more easier, as they have more control over their life.


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