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'It' sequel to be released in September 2019

28 September 2017 - 00:06


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Released earlier this month, the movie adaptation of Stephen King's book 'It' has already broken numerous records - becoming the highest grossing horror movie in history! While we've seen the Loser's Club in their childhood - getting terrorized by Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the sequel will be set 27 year's later.

The movie hinted that the story was not quite finished, with a sinister laugh from Pennywise as the credits closed off. Moreover, the 1990 mini-series also showed both parts of the story written by Stephen King, where the Loser's Club return to fight off against Pennywise once and for all. 

Almost a month after the release of the first movie, Warner Bros has announced a sequel which will arrive in theatres on the 6th of September 2019. While the entertainment company has not provided further information regarding the second movie, reports state that Gary Dauberman, one of the screenwriters has already closed a deal to write the screen play, and director Muschietti and some of the producers of 'It' set to return as well.

Andy Muschietti recently outlined his vision for an It sequel, therefore if he does return for the second movie, here is what it might look like:

"I want to recover the dialogue of the two timelines. It was so prominent in the book, and such an important part of the story. So we’re gonna recover that. You’re gonna jump 27 years into the future—meaning, like, present-day—and… yeah. The Losers have to come back together to get the keys to find out how to defeat Pennywise. They basically have to retrieve memories of the summer of ’89 that they can’t remember. So… that’s, roughly, it."

We'll certainly find out more about the sequel in the future (and soon hopefully).


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