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Patrick Dempsey and his beautiful wife shares rare romantic vacation snap after recent reconciliation

11 April 2017 - 15:18


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The former Grey’s Anatomy’s ‘McDreamy’ posted a breathtaking photo of him (Patrick Dempsey) and wife, Jillian; cuddled up while gazing out at the ocean on Instagram this Sunday.

He captioned the picture with beautiful words; “My Vacation is always more beautiful when I’m next to my beautiful wife @jilliandempsey,” also giving credit to their 14 year old daughter, Taula, for the photo.

Jillian also shared some photos on Instagram with herself having fun with the family. Including a picture of their 10 year old twin boys, Sullivan and Darby ‘rolling around in the sand’.

It's incredible to see the couple looking happy after a troublesome period, which saw Jillian petitioning for separation in January 2015. The couple, who got married in 1999, later accommodated, with Dempsey disclosing to ET that fighting for his girl was "what my heart told me to do."


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