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PREMIERE: Fate of the Furious!

09 April 2017 - 10:57


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Are your engines ready? Because the red carpet itself shows how fast and furious it is!

Charlize Theron, 41, Michelle Rodriguez, 38, and Elsa Pataky, 40, proved that you can be a badass race car driver and a fabulous fashionista at the same time by walking the red carpet this evening for the Fate of the Furious. One of our favorite things to look out for on any red carpet are on-the-rise fashion trends, including color, cut, and styling. As Los Angeles keeps on warming up, many stars opted for shorter or peek-a-boo dresses to grasp the changing on the seasons.

The men, ‘The Rock’ Johnson, 44, and Vin Diesel, 49, were likewise seriously dressed to impress! The Rock wore an army green jacket with sunglasses and black jeans while Vin, his reported Hollywood enemy, differentiated in white jeans and a black jacket. As the red carpet drew closer, fans were concerned in the matter of how the co-stars would get along, seeing as they had some hamburger while filming. It began when the Baywatch star fumed on Facebook about his “lazy” co-stars. Finally after doing a bit of digging, it was uncovered that he was discussing about Vin.


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