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Road tripping!

27 April 2017 - 16:15

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

The Road trip is a must on a vacation. 

Whether it be road tripping from one location to another or just road tripping the whole journey. 

But if you can dedicate your whole trip stopping at tourist trap road side attractions, why not zip line through an attraction as a whole?

There is more than one state on major cities. Take the smaller roads, instead of the highways, this way you will get to experience the historic and picturesque little towns that nobody talks about. 


Of course, fast food is nice. But there is more beyond KFC and McDonalds. Road tripping long distances would allow you expand your reach to multiple cuisines. Moreover it is a great opportunity to bond with other people, since most of your journey would be spend in a vehicle, so enjoy the most of it. 

And there is nothing more beautiful than nature itself. Travel beyond the city limits and surround yourself in the greens. Let it captivate you, make you feel like one of a kind.


It is a literal Adventure. 

No strict timing and schedules. Driving gives you the complete control over your journey. When time isn’t pressuring you, you are more likely to discover the new things you could do, but possibly have never thought of ever doing. 

Mostly it will create memories that would last forever.

Roundtrips are full of Adventures. Whether it’s good or bad it’s still an adventure. 

Need I say more? Go pack your bags and hit the road. Call your friends, tell your family, and take everyone with you or just a few.

My friend, go have an adventure you won’t regret.


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