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The best cure for heart breaks

26 March 2017 - 16:19

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

Break ups have always been a troublesome, nostalgic miserable experience. To be very frank it could be just too much. Sitting at home in the dark with an ice-cream tub, sobbing uncontrollably while watching a sad movie. Nope - that is not going to help you. 

One of the most ideal ways to move on and get out there again is by travelling – Just anywhere.

It’s a great way to clear your mind and boost your self-confidence, explore the world and just conquer it. Use your independence wisely. Take it as an opportunity to let yourself grow. Rather than sitting around swallowing the obsessive thoughts of not being good enough, pack your bags head out. It’s sort of a purification method, a cleansing element. Away from all the people, and the thoughts. Going somewhere new, means that the chance you might run into your ex is literally zero – Being preoccupied and mainly the distance is more than enough to let you move on.

By travelling you would able to push yourself into doing things that you are not familiar with. Going somewhere, where nobody knows your name would allow you to be yourself – it will let you roam free.

Furthermore another great distraction is meeting new people, making new friends. Don’t be shy to strike up conversations. Who knows, these new friends could be your companions for the rest of your travels, keep in touch. Always know that this adventure is your own, only yours!

A relationship means, a ‘we’ and you forget the ‘I’.  But breakups make you realize no matter what you are your own person. You are forced to be dependent on your self – but in a good way as it will restore your balance in life. Travelling, means getting in touch with your own independence again. Remember to keep yourself out of trouble, trust your instincts. You only have yourself at this point – don’t lose yourself, be in the present.

Lastly, Keep moving forward, don’t look back. Go for an unplanned trip. Take the risks, discover your desires.  Have the adventure of a lifetime.  Never forget the simple rule. You are here for yourself, and this time is for you, do what you want to do. Make memories with yourself, and cherish them when you get back home. You don’t need to depend on a second person to feel good, you are enough, remind yourself that you can do anything, all by yourself.


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