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Travelling with friends!

30 March 2017 - 15:35

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

Whenever you hang around with your friends, the most inevitable topic to pop up is the desire to travel together, to reach the highest peaks, or just a simple getaway – anywhere just together.

Travelling with friends comes with common interests and unforgettable memories of the laughs and the new experiences. Moreover it gives you the chance to discover the depths of the friendship and turning it into an everlasting bond. 

There are already groups of friends who have a habit of having a getaway each year. And if your friend circle haven’t had one yet, here are some ideas on places to explore with your best buddies this year.

China might not be considered as a beach destination, however Sanya’s White beach might actually change your mind. Sanya is located on Hainan – an island province which became the heart of tourist destinations in China, by luring people with facilities such as shopping, golf courses, extremely lavish hotels, spectacular architecture and so much more. 

Similarly get in touch with the positive vibes in Sedona – the best relationship you could have with nature. Sedona is the home to crystal traders and vortexes and also lets the visitors browse through fancy Art galleries.

And if you and your friends are hardcore fans of Game of Thrones, head over to the medieval fortress town of Dubrovnik, Croatia. This city is filled with ancient architecture, slate walls and lively nights. It’s an Appealing Medieval castle, with the magnificent view of the Adriatic Sea.

These are just a selected few – The world is full of opportunities. 


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