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Why Relationships on the Road are Hard to Maintain.

05 September 2017 - 10:06

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

Have you ever thought about the most addicting aspect of travel?

Perhaps it’s the fact that travelling opens us, entirely. It opens our eyes, our minds, our hearts and our souls. When we hit the road, we want to feel that experience inside us, and even perhaps change us.

Yes! It becomes really easy to meet new people, who are just as open and excited as you are about new adventures and the world. And this openness easily aids in the forming of genuine, romantic relationships between two travelers.

You may start your travels, not in search for love, but somehow it always seems to happen. Perhaps, love finds you – no matter whatever corner of the earth you fly to.

But one thing is for sure, dating whilst travelling should be a prerequisite for marriage. When you spend 24/7 with someone, close connection are made more quickly hence making the two of you rather intimate.

However, loneliness is a package that comes with the title ‘traveler’.

Love < Loss? Or vice versa?

You see, the thing about traveling is that – love has a hard time with distance. Genuine feelings cannot be expressed through voicemails, emails or even just mere phone calls. If you lose the physical aspect of a relationship, it’s going to drag you down with it.

Distance is something travelers have a long term love affair with. The real issue is caused when this love affair comes across the relationships we have on the road. Openness and detachment is always the best combination. The experiences you gained from your on the road love affairs can help you take yourself more seriously.

What we need to accept is the life is situational. No these kind of relationships aren’t bad, and obviously not impossible. The thing about such relationships are that these are the best ways to learn about yourself and perhaps the human nature & love.

Honestly who knows? The love you meet on the road maybe genuine enough to compromise plans for, to fight for, to travel alongside with. The world is truly unpredictable. You can never count out any possibility. We are only in control of so much, like where we can go, how many tickets we can purchase & how many emotional letters we can write.

The only solution to this is that to stop worrying about finding love on the road. Even if you do, leave some decisions in the hands of fate.

Maybe you might not find your long term love in Australia, Paris, Italy ….. There is always the rest of the world.


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