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Maldivian enters into a joint venture with Setouchi Holdings

16 November 2017 - 01:19


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'Maldivian' the flagship carrier of Maldives has formed a new joint venture with Setouchi Holdings, Inc. The agreement was signed by the operator of the airline, Island Aviation Services Limited (IAS), and the Japanese parent firm of Quest Aircraft, Setouchi Holdings, to establish a new seaplane operation 'Sky Atoll Private Limited.' 

Under the agreement, an initial fleet of four Kodiak 100 would be introduced to commence seaplane operations. According to Quest, the Kodiak's being delivered to Sky Atoll for operation in the Maldives would utilized Aerocet 6759 straight floats, that has been certified for use on the aircraft in early 2017. 

The CEO of Quest Aircraft, Rob Wells has stated that after a thorough operational evaluation in the Maldives, Kodiak has been regarded as one of the ideal aircraft's for the country, due to its robust construction and short filed performance.

The introduction of the Kodiak 100 would make it the first time a single-engine float operation is being utilised in the Maldives. Maldivian already operates a fleet consisting of ten 15 seater DHC-6 Twin Otter Aircraft's used to transportation to various resorts in the country.


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