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Ooredoo launches 'Magey Plan' a digital platform allowing customers to create custom mobile plans

26 September 2017 - 16:51


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Ooredoo Maldives has announced the launch of a brand new digital platform called 'Magey Plan.' The plan allows customers the freedom to create customised mobile plans, according to their communications needs. 

This is the first platform of it's kind here in the Maldives. With Magey Plan, Postpaid and Prepaid customers get the chance to design their own mobile plan by choosing from data, calls, SMS and IDD. The new platform also provides the ability to control for how long, and how much of the service each customer requires.

Speaking about the launch of Magey Plan, Najib Khan - the Chief Executive Officer of Ooredoo Maldives stated "Our commitment to Digital Maldives is to enable new conveniences and life enriching experiences through digital technology. The launch of Magey Plan is another important milestone in this journey, as it provides a first of its kind flexibility to local customers. Through our digital platforms on web and mobile app, customers are now able to create a 100% customizable solution for their communication needs, which brings unprecedented convenience and value for money."

The company offers inclusive access to Magey Plan for all customers in the country, and can be used anywhere through My Ooredoo Portal on their website. In addition to that, the service will soon be available on the My Ooredoo App, for iOs and Android users.

Here's a step by step on how to use Magey Plan, as explained by Ooredoo:

1. Log onto My Ooredoo, and click on Magey Plan icon.

2. Select mobile data allowance, available between 100 MB to 1000 GB.

3. Choose your requirements for local calls, up to 20,000 minutes each for on-network and off-network.

4. Select SMS requirements, up to 25,000 SMS.

5. The validity of data, calls & SMS can be selected individually. This includes 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 15 days or 30 days

6. Magey Plan gives exclusive benefits for IDD callers with a special IDD rate of just MVR 19. If interested, select subscribe.

7. The total charge for your customised Magey Plan can be viewed as you customise your plan. To activate, tap on “Create Magey Plan”.

The company has recently introduced another digital platform called 'Ooredoo Next' allowing customers to engage with the company through Facebook Messenger. Ooredoo Maldives is constantly working on transforming the telecommunications industry, and brining innovative solutions for their customers in-line with the evolving modern technology. 


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