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Raajje TV fined with MVR 1 Million for broadcasting content against President Yameen.

06 April 2017 - 17:18

Ameen Didi

An enthusiastic writer with a passion towards Politics

The Maldives Broadcasting Commission on Thursday released a report which said that they are investigating the cast and stated that Raajje TV was given the opportunity to plead to the allegation. Raajje TV has admitted to broadcasting the content back in October of 2016 which contained content that heavily criticizes President Yameen’s diplomacy and puts his reputation at stake.

The commission stated in their report that their investigation into the matter had found the content to be damaging to President Yameen’s honor & dignity and decided that the content violates the freedom of speech act. They also stated that the content resulted in widespread doubt to President Yameen’s status and his responsibilities.

Given that this is the 2nd time Raajje Tv has violated the defamation and freedom of speech act, the Broadcasting commission had no choice but to pass the verdict for a fine of MVR 1 Million with the majority of the members supporting the verdict. The commission also highlighted that they hold the authority to abolish or suspend the Broadcasting license of Raajje TV should they fail to pay the penalty fee.

Raajje TV had just finished paying their first penalty fee of MVR 250,000/- on Thursday through various funds from Sponsors & through their ‘Dignity Fund’


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