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Sultan Park scheduled to open in August

02 August 2017 - 18:17


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The first established public park in the Maldives - Sultan Park has been undergoing renovation for over a year and is finally set to reopen for the public. According to the Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Mohamed Muizzu, Sultan Park will officially open for the public sometime within this August.

One of the most historic places in Male' City, Sultan Park is greatly loved by all Maldivians. It has been the main park in the city since the 16th century, and was built on the southern area of demolished royal palace grounds. The park is set opposite to the largest mosque in Male' - Islaami Markaz (Islamic Centre), and the November 3rd Memorial Monument. 

Plans of Sultan Park development project was announced by Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure in early 2016, with the aim to be a place where children and families can spend quality time together. However the main highlight of the project has been the 'winter corner', which is expected to include an ice rank. The renovation project was handed over to a company of the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF), known as SIVEK.

It has been revealed by the Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, that the main focus of the renovated Sultan Park is to offer a safe and peaceful environment that families and childrens can enjoy. Mr. Muizzu also said that the revamped Sultan Park will consist of corners for entertainment, and for teaching the Maldives history, as well as various fountains that creates a pleasant environment for all visitors.

Moreover, it was ensured by the Ministry that the decade old palace and historic trees would remain untouched, and serve as a highlight of the park. However the ancient mosque set in Sultan Park was moved to the planned heritage island, that is to be developed in the future.

Although the park is expected to open this month, they aspect of the park - the winter themed corner that everyone is eagerly waiting for, will not be complete until November this year. 


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