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The first National Food Safety Policy of Maldives officially launched

18 October 2017 - 00:59


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On 16th October 2017, with commemoration of World Food Day, Maldives introduced the first ever National Food Safety Policy. The policy for 2017 uptil the year 2026, was launched by the Minister of Health, Abdulla Nazim Ibrahim.

Speaking at press after the launch, Health Minister stated that ensuring that safe food is provided is a right for everyone, as it is a fundamental requirement in our lives. He further emphasized the importance of establishing healthy public polices  in order to create healthier societies. The Health Minister added that such new policies aspires researches to conduct food surveys in the country. All relevant authorities were called on to support the new Food Safety Policy, by the Health Minister. 

The WHO Representative to the Maldives, Dr. Arvind Mathur addressed the launching, noted the critical importance of food safety from production to consumption. He stated that all relevant components required for such a policy has been incorporated in the recently launched National Food Safety Policy. 

Formulating a 10 year National Food Safety Policy was initiated in 2015 by Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA), under the Ministry of Health, with consultation of the World Health Organization (WHO). MFDA states the policy has been prepared in accordance to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), National Master Plan, and other international conventions.

The National Food Safety Policy consists of four major components; quality assurance of food produced in the Maldives, quality assurance of food preparing in the outlets of Maldives, quality assurance and safety of food importated to the country,  and safety assurance of food commodities sold in the local market. 


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