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A detailed look at the design of Apple's iPhone 8

25 July 2017 - 22:16


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A contributor of Forbes and founder of TrustedReviews - Grace Kelly, and Nodus - high-quality Apple accessory maker has published a report regarding the design of Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone. 

The images released were based on a computer-aided design (CAD) direct from Apple's supply chain of iPhone 8, which has been further rendered by Grace Kelly and Nodus. 

To provide the updated renders and new details of the iPhone 8, Kelly has stated that he delved deeper into Apply's supply chain. He claims that Apple will be pushing forward with a radical redesign for their 10th anniversary smartphone. 

The new design regarded as 'exclusively confirmed' by Kelly, shows a wide 5.8-inch display with reduced bezels that measures approximately 4mm on all four sides. According to Kelly, the size of the bezels will help avoid accidental user input.

The bottom edge render published by Kelly and Nodus confirms the absence of headphone jack, which Apple is sticking to since they removed it from the iPhone 7. Moreover, the Lighting port will remain as it has been on the previous handset as well, however they are claims that USB-C might be included on the wall plug "as a part of a wider move to finally adopt fast charging" says Grace Kelly.

The new renders also showcases the stereo speakers that will be making use of an amplified earpiece.

Apple is expected to feature an enlarged power button, which Kelly believes is due to it being a backup plan to place the touch ID. We have been hearing that as a result of the new display and Apple's plan to let go of the home button can result in the touch ID being placed directly into the screen, however the possibility of that happening is currently pretty low according to various analysts.

The render of Kelly and Nodus also showed off the function area placed on the top of the display. "I believe is the remaining corners will simply be used for connectivity and battery status with notifications switched to the bottom in a new easier-to-reach and more detailed ‘Function Area’. says Kelly.

Furthermore Kelly explains that the iPhone 8 is expected to have a vertical dual rear camera, though the exact configuration and resolution are unknown. He also highlighted on the battery life claiming it will be a significant improvement due to a new L shaped battery configuration. 

With all the new designs, comes the big price. iPhone 8 expected to be Apple's most expensive smartphone yet, with the lowest price reaching more than $1000. 

Recent reports also states that the release date of the iPhone 8 could be pushed to November or December of this year.


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