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Five impressive iOS 11 features for the iPhone

09 June 2017 - 16:50


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During Apple's 2017 WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) keynote held on Monday (5th June), the company unveiled the new iOS11 with a variety of features to boost up user experience. It will have a 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' mode, auto reply to texts, and mute notifications when your iPhone senses you moving. In addition to that, Apple has given the App store a make over.

Out of the many things that iOS 11 can do, here's a narrowed down list of 5 which are pretty impressive and very useful. 

Siri just got smarter

iOS 11 brings a male voice to siri who we have just heard speaking in a female voice up till now. Moreover, siri will now be able to translate English phrases and words into other languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Chinese. Just think how easier your life can be when you are travelling (maybe to china?) and you can translate a word without any hassle via Siri right away!

Redesigned Control Centre

Apple has completely redesigned the control centre. You will now be able to customize the control screen to your preference (a bit comparable to android), and create your choice of shortcuts. Control centre now provides everything in one place.

Automatic Deletion of Apps for storage

Don't worry, it will not automatically delete apps that you are using (hopefully!). But, this feature gets rid of apps that are not being used while keeping documents and data which are related to it, so you can the app back any time you like. This is a great feature as it can save a lot of unused space on the iPhone, and it only deletes apps when the phone is low on storage. The app icon will be a bit grayed-out once it is automatically deleted, and all you have to do is simply tap it and it will be restored.

Screen Recording

This feature was not demonstrated by Apple at the WWDC 2017 Keytnote, however developers who were playing with the beta release accessed this feature and provided a sneak peak. The features lets you capture what you are doing on your phone, and has the option to edit or even add to the recorded content. 


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