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Google confirms Pixel 2 launch event for 4th October

18 September 2017 - 23:44


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Apple just showed the world their awesome phones (actually just the iphone x though), and now Google is ready to take the spotlight and show everyone what they have made this year. 

Google has debuted a new marketing campaign for their upcoming event, putting up billboards, releasing a 35 second video, and making a 'ask more' page on their already established website madeby.google.com.

The first ever smartphones exclusively made by Google came out on the 4th of October 2016, and was named the Pixel (5.0 inch) and Pixel XL (5.5 inch). The company has decided to release the second versions of their Pixel devices exactly an year later, on the anniversary of their first phone debut. 

According to rumours, the smaller Pixel device will be built by HTC (who made both google phone's last year), and the larger Pixel XL model will be made by LG. The upcoming devices are expected to have a slimmer body, larger screen, and an improved camera. How much of this is true, we can only find out on the actual date.

The teaser video released by Google shows a user searching for answers of the following questions:

What’s wrong with my phone’s battery?

Why is my phone always out of storage?

Why does my phone take so many blurry photos?

Why doesn’t my phone understand me?

Why can’t my phone update itself?

Why is my smartphone so slow / hot / fragile / annoying / broken / cruel / impersonal / dumb?

The questions suggest that the new devices are going be free (maybe not 100 percent) of these problems, and a lot better than the first generation Pixel phones. The first gen became one of the best phone's of last year, competing with Apple's iPhone, this year Android lovers are expecting the same and so much more.

"Thinking about changing phones? Stay tune for more on October 4" - Google.


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